It’s not very exciting, but it goes like this: we deliver what we say we will, and if there are any challenges, we’ll warn you. We’re predictably efficient, and some might say we’re reassuringly boring.

Here’s how we work:

Project Management

No one likes last-minute surprises. Good project management starts with building a sensible plan, and we maintain that through good communication. Years of experience tells us that by getting the basics right, we can deliver the plan. That means working together, and being willing to have those difficult conversations.

Discovery Phase

We are naturally inquisitive. We’ll ask lots of questions to ensure we know you and your requirements. Knowing this, we will challenge you on the less critical parts of the implementation with the intention of simplifying and potentially reducing costs.

Solution Design

Why make it complex when the out-of-the-box functionality could give you what you need? We aim to create the most appropriate solution design which will meet your needs now, but also make it easy to build on if your needs change in the future.

Playback Sessions

We want your team to be involved throughout the project, and we’ll play back each element of the build to ensure ongoing input during the project. We don’t pull back a curtain and do a “big reveal” at the end hoping we’ve got it right. Constant feedback means no surprises.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

As the work package is signed off, it will then go into UAT. This is a further opportunity for assessment, and to pick up on any bugs or areas of functionality that need updating.

Legacy Systems and Data Migration

As data is important to any project, there will be a requirement to load existing data into prior to go-live. This will involve:

  • data migration
  • data cleansing
  • de-duplication

We will work with you to identify the appropriate solutions, internal or external.


We involve and train users on the functionality that has been built, and how best to use it. We’ll identify user levels and train your users appropriately.

Our approach is to become a trusted advisor and to develop lasting relationships.

Reporting already has an intuitive reporting and dashboard solution. We will show you how to build internal reports that can be scheduled and shared with other users.